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          Cart IconDescription      Single IconActivityAgesDaysTimesDatesLocationFees      Status
    Add to CartON YOUR FEET!Item Details20000-ABirth and UpSu 1:00P - 4:00P04/29/18 - 04/29/18OPERA HOUSE$66Available
    Add to CartALADDIN BROADWAYItem Details20012-ABirth and UpSu 2:00P - 5:00P07/15/18 - 07/15/18OPERA HOUSE$51Available
    Add to CartBOOK OF MORMONItem Details20013-ABirth and UpSu 1:00P - 4:00P08/26/18 - 08/26/18OPERA HOUSE$57Available
    Add to CartPRESCHOOL SIGN LANGUAGE 2Item Details31200-BBirth to 5 yearsTu11:00A - 11:45A02/27/18 - 03/27/18LEWIS BUILDING$55Available
    Read NoticeGYMNASTICS FOR KIDSItem Details31400-A2 years to under 5 yearsTh10:45A - 11:30A01/11/18 - 03/01/18LEWIS BUILDING$100Full
    Read NoticeMINI MOVERSItem Details31649-ABirth to under 5 yearsW 9:30A - 10:15A02/14/18 - 03/21/18LEWIS BUILDING$45Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeFANCY FEETItem Details31650-A2 years to under 5 yearsW10:30A - 11:30A02/14/18 - 03/21/18LEWIS BUILDING$45Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeSTART SMART SPORTS SKILLSItem Details31655-A4 years to under 6 yearsSu 2:15P - 3:00P01/14/18 - 03/04/18BILLERICA MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL$35Full
    Read NoticeLIL BASKETBALLItem Details31658-A2 years to under 5 yearsSa 9:20A - 10:05A01/20/18 - 03/24/18LEWIS BUILDING$110Online Registration Not Available for This
    Add to CartINTRO TO PARKOUR- Ages 6-9Item Details33205-A6 years to under 10 yearsSa10:30A - 11:45A03/17/18 - 03/17/18LEWIS BUILDING$35Available
    Read NoticeINTRO TO PARKOUR- Ages 10-13Item Details33205-B10 years to under 14 yearsSa12:00P - 1:15P03/17/18 - 03/17/18LEWIS BUILDING$35Full
    Add to CartINTRO TO PARKOUR- Ages 14-17Item Details33205-C14 years to under 18 yearsSa 1:30P - 2:45P03/17/18 - 03/17/18LEWIS BUILDING$35Available
    Read NoticeFEBRUARY VACATION ARTItem Details33250-A5 years to 12 yearsTu-F 9:00A - 12:00P02/20/18 - 02/23/18PARKER ELEMENTARY$110Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeFEBRUARY VACATION SPORTSItem Details33251-A7 years to 14 yearsTu-F 9:00A - 12:00P02/20/18 - 02/23/18PARKER ELEMENTARY$130Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticePRE-K SOCCER- Ages 3-4Item Details33328-A3 years to under 5 yearsSu 9:00A - 9:45A01/14/18 - 02/25/18LEWIS BUILDING$80Online Registration Not Available for This
    Add to CartDRAMA - BEYOND THE SPOTLIGHT 2 - Advanced Actors WorkshopItem Details33363-A9 years to 14 yearsW 7:15P - 8:30P03/14/18 - 05/30/18PARKER ELEMENTARY$130Available
    Add to CartDRAMA, HAM I AMItem Details33364-A5 years to under 9 yearsW 6:00P - 7:00P03/14/18 - 05/30/18PARKER ELEMENTARY$130Available
    Read NoticeFEBRUARY VACATION HANDS ON ELECTRONICSItem Details33440-A8 years to 14 yearsTu-F 9:00A - 2:00P02/20/18 - 02/23/18PARKER ELEMENTARY$175Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeLEGO BUILD IT MOVE ITItem Details33520-A6 years to under 9 yearsF 3:30P - 4:30P01/12/18 - 03/02/18LEWIS BUILDING$40Full
    Add to CartWICKED COOL- GROSS SCIENCEItem Details33524-A7 years to under 14 yearsM 3:45P - 4:45P03/19/18 - 04/30/18LEWIS BUILDING$120Available
    Read NoticeARCHERY - YOUTH BEGINNERItem Details33602-A9 years to 20 yearsM 6:15P - 7:30P01/08/18 - 04/09/18HAJJAR ELEMENTARY$135Full
    Read NoticeLEISURE CLUB: PAINT & PIZZA NIGHTItem Details33603-D13 years and UpTh 5:45P - 9:00P02/15/18 - 02/15/18LEWIS BUILDING$25Full
    Read NoticeLEISURE CLUB: UMASS HOCKEY LOWELL VS MERRIMACKItem Details33603-E13 years and UpSa 6:00P - 9:30P02/24/18 - 02/24/18LEWIS BUILDING$25Full
    Read NoticeLEISURE CLUB: CERAMICS PAINTINGItem Details33603-F13 years and UpSu 5:45P - 9:00P03/04/18 - 03/04/18LEWIS BUILDING$25Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeLEISURE CLUB: HOLIDAY PARTY & CRAFTINGItem Details33603-G13 years and UpF 6:45P - 9:00P03/16/18 - 03/16/18LEWIS BUILDING$30Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeLEISURE CLUB: INCREDIBREW SODAItem Details33603-H13 years and UpTu 6:30P - 8:45P03/27/18 - 03/27/18LEWIS BUILDING$30Full
    Read NoticeSPECIAL OLYMPICS BOWLINGItem Details33608-A8 years and UpSa 1:00P - 3:00P01/27/18 - 03/24/18WOBURN BOWLADROME$80Online Registration Not Available for This
    Read NoticeARCHERY - YOUTH ADVANCEDItem Details33611-A9 years to 20 yearsM 7:15P - 8:30P01/08/18 - 04/09/18HAJJAR ELEMENTARY$135Full
    Read NoticeFLOOR HOCKEY GR 1-2Item Details33612-A6 years to under 8 yearsSa 8:00A - 8:45A01/06/18 - 03/10/18MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL$40Full
    Read NoticeFLOOR HOCKEY GR. 3-5Item Details33612-B8 years to 11 years 6 monthsSa 9:00A - 9:45A01/06/18 - 03/10/18MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL$40Full
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